Friday, 16 August 2013


Where to start? I am currently in South Korea, preparing for the 2013 World Rowing Championships. The crew now consists of (from bow to stern) Emily Cameron, Kate Goodfellow, Carling Zeeman, and myself. I believe the last post mentioned the race-off in singles- the results were exciting for me because I finished first out of the quad and moved up the ranks from the beginning of the summer (it was no secret that I was the last person to make the boat and the lowest ranked from the spring trials regatta). I still have a way to go, but it felt good to see some progress.
There are so many great things to say about Korea: It all started with the warm welcome from the hotel staff and a number of people who I believe were surrounding villagers. We were greeted by a small crowd of cheering people wearing Canada colours and waving the Canadian flag. Once we got off the bus we were shuttled into the lobby where we were given grapes ( a Korean tradition) and lined up for a photo shoot.
 The course and venue are also top notch ( in my opinion) and I will try to get some photos before going back to Canada. 
It is almost time for second practice so I will have to continue the update another day. The heat is taking its toll, but our bodies are slowly adapting. Rowing Canada brought a slushie machine to help with body temperature regulation, and I am counting down the hours until we get to use it. We have to wait three days in order to force our bodies to adapt to the climate better.
Let's hope this theory works!
Until next time...

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