Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I've definitely had some ups and downs within the last four months. I am still struggling with my injury, but things are slowly getting better (at least for the time being). The most frustrating part is that I don't know what is causing the pain. A small muscle tear is presumed, as the MRI came back negative. I have been logging many hours on the spin bike, and am cautiously stepping back into my rowing shell.  I really savor the 30-50 minutes a day that I am on the water. Being injured has really tested my commitment, but has also given me a chance to fall in love with rowing all over again. I am not allowed to pull hard on the water yet (this was a hard concept to grasp),  and have been taking my time working on balance and technique. As my time on the water is so limited, I really focus on making each stroke count. This is obviously easier said than done. The end of each row is usually spent doing 5-10 minutes of balance drills and "hand skills" drills in close proximity to the docks...... just in case I go for a swim, as the water is pretty darn cold this time of year!!
This weekend I am heading up to Mt. Washington for a much deserved break from the spin bike. Myself, my boyfriend, and another friend will spend this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the x-country ski trails for some serious cross training. Maybe I will finally get some pictures to post for you guys!