Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WC3 recap

Coming into a full week of training is going to be a bit of a shock after the taper we just had! The two hour bike ride that I just finished is probably the longest workout that I've done in nearly two weeks..... It's going to be a tough week, but I am eager to feel that dull all-over body ache that accompanies high volume training.
World Cup 3 in Lucerne was definitely a high note for the quad! We came first in our heat and went straight through to the A-final on Sunday. The final was a tough race, and we ended up coming second to Germany. It was satisfying to see the video of our race and note how much sharper and cleaner our rowing looks.
Now it's back to work for Rowing Canada so we can solidify our progress and shave a couple more seconds off our 2k race before we head off to the World Championships in Amsterdam.