Tuesday, 18 March 2014

World Cup 1 (Australia)

Well, I've once again managed to finish packing in the nick of time......with a couple minutes to spare to update my blog. My teammates and I are departing for Sydney, Australia for the first world cup of the 2014 season. I will be rowing in a 2x with my teammate and friend, Carling Zeeman. The other four girls are rowing in two pairs. Only a very small team is going, and the rest of the girls (along with the lightweight men) are holding down the fort in London and training for the upcoming Spring Trials regatta. We will definitely miss them when we are gone.

It is 1:13 and in two minutes most of our teammates and our coach, John, will probably arrive at the airport for our 3:55pm flight. Carling and I had a bit of a "last minute" call for rides so we will be arriving a little later. My mom would probably have a heart attack if she found out exactly how much later. In case you are reading this mom, don't worry.... unless something goes horribly wrong we will still make our flight.

until next time.....

....or as they say in Australia (according to Wikitravel) .....

"Take it easy Mate"