Friday, 6 July 2012


Our four from left to right (bow to stern) Christine Roper, Susanne Grainger, Cheryl Copson, me (Antje). It is crazy hot here!  I am so thankful for the heat and humidity that we had in Ontario because it made the transition to Lithuania pretty easy. Volker Nolte (our assistant coach) took some "action" shots today so I will try to post them on here if he allows it.
 Second practice today will be some sprint work, which I love! It gets everybody all pumped up for race day. The HW 4- race will be next Wednesday (heats), Friday (Reps), and Saturday (Finals). If we come first or second in our heat we will go straight through to the final as there are only ten entries. Generally there are less entries in the larger crew boats (8+ , 4-, 4+) and many entries in the singles and doubles.

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