Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ahhh.... C6 hours are completed, training is logged in CAMP (Canadian Athlete Monitoring Program), bags are packed for tomorrow, and assignments one and two for my online statistics course are packed into an envelope and ready to be mailed. All in all, I'd say it's been a pretty productive weekend! The training program is somewhat individualized out here, and every one of us has a specific number of hours we have to do in specific training categories. For example, I have to do 16 hours a week at low intensity (for me this translates to a heart rate of 155-167 on the erg, or 130-145 on the bike- my C6 or category 6 heart rate zones) during a high volume week. The training program sent out each week by our coach includes some hours in this "low intensity" range, but also includes workouts at a much higher intensity. Usually I have to cross train a couple extra hours (outside of what is written on the training plan) every week to fulfill the requirement.  The point of all these explanations...... I think I was going somewhere, but got lost in the details.
Regardless, I miscalculated my hours and ended up being 5min short of 16h. I decided that going for a 5min workout would be quite silly so I layered up, pumped up my bike tires to a plump 110psi and went for a road ride. I spent most of the short 30k  in my recovery heart rate zone, but definitely got my remaining 5min (and then some) at C6. The ride was beautiful, and despite the abundant potholes and unpaved shoulder, I had a great time pedaling past the fields and farmlands. I even managed to snap some photos on my i-phone.... which believe it or not, will eventually make it onto this blog. If you would like to see them before the eternity that will probably pass until I post them on here, feel free to look me up on twitter @Antje_vs or just type in my name (Antje von Seydlitz). I posted the pictures from my ride there this morning.
This coming week is more selection and more race specific training at higher intensity. I am hoping to get back into the 4x this week, but that decision is up to John (our coach). Meanwhile I will work on that pry and acceleration in the 1x.
Happy training and until next time...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Discovery Channel Footage

Check out the following link to see the Discovery Channel footage of our crew:
Select "power rower" from the left hand menu to watch the clip.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Back in the 1x

Last Friday's 2x1500m time trial went quite well. Percentages were much higher due to better conditions (and hopefully better rowing), and we had the second highest percentage...... Ironically we switched places with the heavy women's 2x and they beat us by .5% on each piece.
This week is a little more lonely as I am back in the 1x. Kate took my spot in stroke and Lisa was brought into the boat. I always find this part of selection the most nerve wracking (the part where you are not in the boat) because there is nothing you can do. Correction: There is something you can do, and that is make the boat that you are in go as fast as possible. That is my goal for this coming week. We have time trials again on Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

What an exciting week. On Tuesday we did our first timed pieces in our new combinations. The quad that I rowed with Alyssa, Rosie, and Kate had the highest percentage in both pieces despite going slightly off course and me catching a crab in the second piece. Percentages were a little low, but it was a headwind and bumpy conditions.  I think everyone struggled a little. The heavy women's double (2x) was a close second at only .5% behind us. The percents are calculated based off a "gold medal standard" which is the projected time that would win a gold medal at world championships. Our times are compared to this "gold medal standard", allowing us to compare the speed between different boat classes. We are making progress in the quad, and it is exciting to watch the splits drop when we get those quick catches!
The second exciting event was a short filming session with the team from the "Daily planet" show on the discovery channel. They are doing an episode on technology in sport, and will be including a short segment on rowing. It was pretty fun, and included a "science experiment".... interested in more info? The segment will be airing next Tuesday on the discovery channel. Don't forget to check it out!
Whew, tomorrow is another "selection opportunity" as we will be doing 2x1500m timed pieces. Time to test out how well we can carry out those technical changes under fatiguing conditions.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Quick update

I've been meaning to finally post those pictures I keep talking about..... but instead I got stuck on my online statistics course. That, and getting the odds and ends I need to be a little more self sufficient here in Ontario (ie. bike pump, chain oil, bed sheets, clothes hangers.... all those little things).
Anyway, on to the update. I am currently trialing for a quad. Based off last weekends results, I am the lowest ranked out of the five girls trying out for the boat, but that is behind us now.  Once the boat is selected (or perhaps during the ongoing selection), the 4x will have to trial and hit a fast enough time in order to be sent to Lucerne. I am very excited to be in the 4x group and am working on getting a feel for the boat speed (much higher than a 1x) and setting a good rhythm. A more detailed update to come soon.....
One last note, my thoughts go out to the lightweight (and his family) who was hit by a schoolbus here in London last Friday. I heard he is in stable condition in the hospital, with some pretty major breaks. I hope this is not a career ending injury and that he has a speedy recovery!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Spring trials round two

This past weekend, the entire squad of women training at the national training center, myself included, packed their bags and made the trek to Welland for the "Rowing Canada Spring Trials-East" (Two weeks ago I raced in Burnaby at the "Rowing Canada Spring Trials- West"). Racing began six short and eventful days after my arrival at the LTC in London. Three words: I am pooped. Racing was very competitive and exciting! I did not place exceptionally well (8 out of 21), and am ranked 8th out of the 10 scullers here at the LTC. It is going to take a whole lot more than one weekend of unmet personal expectations to demotivate me. Time to make my way up the ranks!

I successfully completed my first day of weight training with no pain in the rib area and am very excited! I know that I will gain a lot of speed from some proper strength and conditioning work.

Time to go work on that on-line statistics course before heading to bed.

ps. Huge thanks to my family for supporting me the last four months. It's been a rough ride (school, training, injuries, moving), and I am very thankful for the love and support!!