Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Matter of Opinion

Tensions are high, and pre-seat racing injuries are also in the rising. With girls this translates into pretending to get along while taking stabs at each other when the other girls aren't looking. Oh how I miss my male housemates, at least they say it to your face and you know where you stand. That aside, one of our ports has a pretty serious rib injury, and we are now down to five girls. Our coach has decided to have Christine sit this one out, and have the remaining four of us race. Tomorrow it will be Elise vs Genvieve on starboard and Meagan vs myself on port. I will race with Genvieve first and then we will switch partners and I will race with Elise.
Now, to the "matter of opinion" part. This morning I overheard one of the girls exclaiming how she doesn't want anyone to get sent home yet. Naturally, I agreed before thinking about what exactly I was agreeing too. Competitive sport isn't some fairytale where we all make the boat and row happily ever after. At the end of the day somebody has to get sent home, and one thing is for certain. I am not getting sent home without putting up one hell of a fight. As my coach at Uvic would say, "Lets get our ducks in a row here ladies" or in english, lets cut the crap and get to the chase. I think I can speak for everyone who has ever attended a selection camp when I say that no matter how nice the other person is, deep inside our corrupted souls we want to beat them so we can stay.
Time for me to go spin and roll out my legs. After all, tomorrow is a big day with an early start!


  1. Yes!! Gloves are off!
    Thumbs up Antje !!

  2. Bahahaha ducks in a row! Love it...sorta ;) Good luck! Sun's out with the gun's out!