Monday, 22 July 2013

Back to Training

Luzern ended in a 3rd place finish in the "B" final (9th overall). It was by no means what we had hoped for coming into the competition, but it goes to show just how much hard work and time goes into winning medals at the World Cup and World Championship level. I think we were all a little disappointed with the results, but it is so critical to walk away from the experience acknowledging those things that went well and then figuring out how to improve those that didn't. One thing I was excited to see was that our efficiency (speed/stroke) improved significantly going into the final. We still struggled a little to hold our rhythm, but it was a positive change from the rep and heat.

We are currently mixing things up back here at the London Training Centre, and all the scullers are in singles. We are doing a race-off in our 1x's this Wednesday/Thursday (weather permitting). It will be a time trial/semi/final format over a 1500m course. The reason for the 1500m course is that it provides a race length approximately equal to that of a 2000m race in a 4x. From this we will establish a ranking in the quad, and most likely the lowest ranked person will be swapped out. As with anything selection related...... nothing is set in stone, and you can't be certain you are in the boat until you rowing up to the start line before the race.

I am really enjoying the immediate feedback in the single and taking this time to work on accelerating the second half with a strong pry. It is exciting to see the splits on my stroke coach drop when I get it right (currently approximately one in every 20 strokes). The W2x is racing off for a spot as a spare (potentially a racing spare).
For those of you who have been keeping up with the London, Ontario weather report..... THANK GOODNESS THE HEATWAVE IS OVER!!!!!!

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