Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ahhh.... C6 hours are completed, training is logged in CAMP (Canadian Athlete Monitoring Program), bags are packed for tomorrow, and assignments one and two for my online statistics course are packed into an envelope and ready to be mailed. All in all, I'd say it's been a pretty productive weekend! The training program is somewhat individualized out here, and every one of us has a specific number of hours we have to do in specific training categories. For example, I have to do 16 hours a week at low intensity (for me this translates to a heart rate of 155-167 on the erg, or 130-145 on the bike- my C6 or category 6 heart rate zones) during a high volume week. The training program sent out each week by our coach includes some hours in this "low intensity" range, but also includes workouts at a much higher intensity. Usually I have to cross train a couple extra hours (outside of what is written on the training plan) every week to fulfill the requirement.  The point of all these explanations...... I think I was going somewhere, but got lost in the details.
Regardless, I miscalculated my hours and ended up being 5min short of 16h. I decided that going for a 5min workout would be quite silly so I layered up, pumped up my bike tires to a plump 110psi and went for a road ride. I spent most of the short 30k  in my recovery heart rate zone, but definitely got my remaining 5min (and then some) at C6. The ride was beautiful, and despite the abundant potholes and unpaved shoulder, I had a great time pedaling past the fields and farmlands. I even managed to snap some photos on my i-phone.... which believe it or not, will eventually make it onto this blog. If you would like to see them before the eternity that will probably pass until I post them on here, feel free to look me up on twitter @Antje_vs or just type in my name (Antje von Seydlitz). I posted the pictures from my ride there this morning.
This coming week is more selection and more race specific training at higher intensity. I am hoping to get back into the 4x this week, but that decision is up to John (our coach). Meanwhile I will work on that pry and acceleration in the 1x.
Happy training and until next time...

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