Sunday, 12 May 2013

Quick update

I've been meaning to finally post those pictures I keep talking about..... but instead I got stuck on my online statistics course. That, and getting the odds and ends I need to be a little more self sufficient here in Ontario (ie. bike pump, chain oil, bed sheets, clothes hangers.... all those little things).
Anyway, on to the update. I am currently trialing for a quad. Based off last weekends results, I am the lowest ranked out of the five girls trying out for the boat, but that is behind us now.  Once the boat is selected (or perhaps during the ongoing selection), the 4x will have to trial and hit a fast enough time in order to be sent to Lucerne. I am very excited to be in the 4x group and am working on getting a feel for the boat speed (much higher than a 1x) and setting a good rhythm. A more detailed update to come soon.....
One last note, my thoughts go out to the lightweight (and his family) who was hit by a schoolbus here in London last Friday. I heard he is in stable condition in the hospital, with some pretty major breaks. I hope this is not a career ending injury and that he has a speedy recovery!

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