Thursday, 16 May 2013

What an exciting week. On Tuesday we did our first timed pieces in our new combinations. The quad that I rowed with Alyssa, Rosie, and Kate had the highest percentage in both pieces despite going slightly off course and me catching a crab in the second piece. Percentages were a little low, but it was a headwind and bumpy conditions.  I think everyone struggled a little. The heavy women's double (2x) was a close second at only .5% behind us. The percents are calculated based off a "gold medal standard" which is the projected time that would win a gold medal at world championships. Our times are compared to this "gold medal standard", allowing us to compare the speed between different boat classes. We are making progress in the quad, and it is exciting to watch the splits drop when we get those quick catches!
The second exciting event was a short filming session with the team from the "Daily planet" show on the discovery channel. They are doing an episode on technology in sport, and will be including a short segment on rowing. It was pretty fun, and included a "science experiment".... interested in more info? The segment will be airing next Tuesday on the discovery channel. Don't forget to check it out!
Whew, tomorrow is another "selection opportunity" as we will be doing 2x1500m timed pieces. Time to test out how well we can carry out those technical changes under fatiguing conditions.

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