Monday, 12 November 2012

NRC's Recap

What a successful weekend. I came fourth overall and second in the U23 category in the women's 1x in the A final. At first I was a little upset because the race didn't go exactly as planned (in other words I didn't have the perfect race), but there are so many things that went well this weekend that a minor setback didn't put a dent in my mood. One of the most significant differences in my race strategy was my recovery strategy. I bought a small runners water bottle (10oz) and filled it with recovery drink and brought it in the boat with me. As soon as I crossed the finish line I would make sure to drink my recovery drink and go for a good cool down row. I would follow this up with a light jog to flush out the legs and a solid roller session. By the time the final came around on Sunday, I hardly had any residual lactic acid build up in my legs and felt fresh and ready to go. This made a significant difference in my confidence levels. I will definitely continue trying to optimize my recovery routine, and maybe try adding a bit of running to my regular training program to help flush out some of the lactic acid build up that occurs in day to day training.
This weekend really got me wondering why rowers don't run? As my ex-biathlete boyfriend stated, it simply doesn't make sense.
Maybe once I am finished writing up this lab report I will do some research on the benefits of running and why you don't see a lot of it in the wonderful world of rowing.
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