Wednesday, 23 May 2012

seat race details

Genvieve and I won over Megan and Elise by just over 9 seconds and then Elise and I won over Megan and Genvieve by just over 7 seconds. No cuts will be made because the matrix only had two boats. More seat racing will occur next Monday. I am unsure whether or not I will partake in this or not, as this is another preliminary round, and our coach indicated that she does not want some of the girls taking part in all three rounds, while those girls coming in later only have to partake in one round. In total there will be two more rounds of seat racing, and starting next week people will get sent home. If I thought tensions were high this week..... just wait until next week rolls around.
Just a side note for my teammates back at Uvic, I am gathering some information and will do a little post on recovery stuff sometime this weekend.

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