Friday, 18 May 2012

A Day in the Life...

A typical training day at the Training Center in London, Ontario goes something like this:

6:00am- alarm goes off
6:03am- fall back asleep while taking my resting heart rate (all time low last week was 38bpm) *I don't mean to fall asleep, but I set the snooze just in case...
6:15am- Snooze goes off and I finally get up, make my bowl of awesome oatmeal (complete with steel cut oats, chia seeds, almonds, and goji berries), do my mobility exercised and wait for the Rowing Canada van
7:10am- Van shows up and we all pile in and head to practice
7:30am- Row1: Anywhere from 16-20km and this row usually has pieces/hard work (yes, rowers do hard work too)
10:00am (ish)-  James place restaurant for breakfast! mmmm we get to order pretty much anything on the menu and only have to pay $1.25 for a tip. Thank you Rowing Canada supporters and James place!!!!
11:00am- Second row. This is usually a technique session with a couple hard strokes and ranges from 8km-12km
12:30pm-Head home to Fanshawe College residence
1:00pm - Lunch/roller session/NAP TIME! 
3:00pm- Weights with strength coach and guru Ed McNeely (who can roll a frying pan up with his bare hands)
4:30pm- Head back to the residence for the night, shower, laundry, prepare recovery snacks for the next day and pack my bag.
5:30pm- Dinner and downtime..... the rest of the evening is spent reading, watching TV with my legs up against the wall, foam rolling, doing my various physio exercises, going on walks, working on my "Immunology of Lyme disease" directed study..... the list goes on
8:00pm- Bed time snack: bowl of cereal with fresh strawberries!

...and there you have it. A training day ranges from two to three sessions. Weights are three times a week. and on non-weights days we usually have a sixty minute cross training session in the afternoon. Perhaps you can see why I decided to title my blog

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