Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gearing up for Nationals

Its unbelievable how fast the time flies when you're training full time (nearly) and going to school. The past month and a half have been filled with long hours on the water, and equally long hours in the lab. I am taking a biochemistry/microbiology lab that takes up a substantial portion of my time, with 7 hours scheduled in the lab per week. Data analysis, report writing, and lab prep occur outside of these hours. Nonetheless, training has been regular and efficient, at times even gruelling. Tomorrow, and the following two days I will have a chance to see how I match up against the rest of Canada as I compete in the National Rowing Championships right here on Elk Lake, Victoria, BC. It has been a great fall, and I feel like I have made a number of positive changes, both mentally and physically.  This weekend will be both a chance to see the hard work pay off, and a chance to see where improvements can be made. I will post regularly over the weekend to let you know how my races go!

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