Thursday, 31 May 2012

And the Winner is.....

Alright, just a quick update on seat racing results: The 1500m pieces were done despite the strong crosswind in the first half of the course. Each partnership/race was a gong show for the first 750, where we were bobbing up and down like rubber duckies in a three year olds bath tub. The second half of each piece was much better, as that part of the course is sheltered from the cross wind. I managed to zero on all the pieces, meaning that I won each race (there were a total of three). Unfortunately one of our strongest girls was sick and nearly lost on her side, which makes interpretation of the results difficult for the coach. We are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss the results and figure out who, if anyone, is getting sent home. The starboards were at all 1-2 seconds apart....which again, due to the crosswind, makes for difficult interpretation of results.
Phew, I am exhausted!

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